Brewing tea: don’t wait forever for hot tea! An easy way to get your cup in three minutes

Ok so this is going to be a very quick post, because how much can you really say about brewing tea? But I had to add this, simply because I was doing an online workshop with one of my long-distance friends, and she took a break to go get a cup of tea, and it took forEVER. I couldn’t believe all the palaver she want through just to get some Tetley. When I told her what I did, it never occurred to her to do it, and yet it saves so much time.

Instead of waiting for kettles to boil, putting the bag in the mug, pouring water over it and waiting waiting waiting for it to brew (as it cools off), then adding milk (if you add milk) and letting it get cold because of it, and then putting it in the microwave to warm it back up again…. SIGH. What a lot of work.

How about this?

Put the water, the milk (if you add milk) and the tea bag all in the mug together. Put the whole lot in the microwave and give it 3-3 1/2 minutes. Take it out….


It comes out perfectly brewed, lovely and warm and ready for all the sugar you know you’re going to put in it. Saves a bunch of time and effort! Try it!



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