Is your man the right one for you? Use this tool to find out!

Do you ever wonder if the man you’re with, or the new man you started dating, is really worth your time? Do you ever wonder sometimes the things he does or the things he doesn’t do might cause difficulties down the road? Do you have doubts about your man, but there are so many things that you do like about him you’re not quite ready to let him go? Or maybe there are things about him that are so different than you, but you get along so well that you’re not really sure what instincts to go with?

I had all the same problems. In fact, I didn’t find the right man for me until I was forty seven years old!

FORTY-SEVEN. Let that sink in for a moment.

But, it just goes to show that it doesn’t matter how old you are, you still can find the right person. There literally is a lid for every pot, because lemme tell ya… I’m ridiculous in what I need in a man to be happy.

But I digress.

That is not the point of this post. The point of this post is, if you are having questions about the current man in your life, there is a tool available that can help you decide whether or not you want to move forward with him.


And shockingly accurate.

It’s called the Right Man Report.

It’s by a lady called Carol Allen, and I just love it.

However, I should warn you, this tool is based in astrology. So if you think astrology stupid and you’re already rolling your eyes, then don’t bother reading any further.

But I think my awesome peeps are interested in astrology, even if it’s in secret. 😉

Whether you believe in astrology or not, you’ll benefit from getting this report. If you’re willing to get over any prejudices that you may have and try it, I think you’ll be astounded. I’ve used it several times now, and it couldn’t possibly have been more accurate about the man I was dating. In fact, it was so accurate, I didn’t even want to get this report on the love of my life right now, because I was afraid it would tell me things I didn’t want to hear!

However, after two years of dating, and being supremely happy with this man, I decided it was time to know. If we weren’t going to make it, then I needed to know now before I invested any more time or emotion or attachment into this man.

Near perfect compatibility

And let me tell you, I was so glad that I did! We are compatible in every way possible! And the weird thing is, we have many things that we do not share in common (which originally concerned me). We have different education levels, we have different outlooks on employment, we have different ambitions, sometimes we even have different ways of looking at life.

However, we just love each other.

We get along so well. And in many ways we are a lot alike. But in many ways we’re not, and they are ways that I felt might be significant, especially after possible years of being together.

We know familiarity breeds contempt, and all that.

Another thing that I noticed with this man, with whom I get along so well, is that I have never felt a sense of “oh my God this is the man for me”. I have never felt that innate sense of “we are meant to be together” feeling with him, and I’ve always been conditioned to believe I would have that feeling. And I don’t.

But interestingly enough, this feeling is explained in the report. It’s called “innate sense of purpose”. Go figure!

And even though we don’t share this quality, our overall compatibility is so good, it doesn’t even matter. I’ve actually shared this innate sense of purpose with other men I’ve dated, but our compatibility otherwise was so bad, it didn’t help. But, it sure explained why I hung on to those men for WAY longer than I should have.

The report is amazing!

Absolutely everything that I needed to know is in this report and for $20, if you want to be sure about the person that you’re with, I highly recommend getting this report.

I get absolutely nothing if you do, there’s no affiliate commission, nothing.

I just believe so much that this report can alleviate (or confirm) so many fears, so many doubts, that it’s absolutely worth the investment.

By contrast to my current love, let’s talk about a report I ran on a man whom I dated 5 years ago, and we’ll discuss how everything went to shit – just as the report indicated it likely would.

I had so many doubts about dating this guy, but we were very good friends, and had been for eight years. He was convinced we should be together, and after the 20th time of trying to convince me, I finally caved.


Obstacles, misfortune, and on the wrong wavelength

It was terrible right from the beginning. We could never seem to get it together, every single time we tried to spend time with each other, something would happen to prevent it. I could not believe it! Every single time. Whether it was a family member, a friend, a traffic jam, a work thing – it didn’t matter, we could hardly ever spend time together.

There were so many problems!

On top of that, there were a lot of times that I felt like he just didn’t understand me, that he didn’t get me. He just couldn’t understand my personality, my way of thinking, nothing.

I also felt – all the time! – that I had to do everything and that he just wasn’t doing what he needed to be going (like, ever), and that he wasn’t into making things happen the way I am. Guess what! That’s called incompatible assertive pressure. Wow!

Ironically, at the same time, we felt like we were meant to be together (we had the innate sense of purpose!), and it kept bringing his back together in spite of all the difficulties.

I really struggled with our relationship, and in the end, it was just an awful mess.

But interestingly enough all of this showed up in this report. Every single detail.

So even though it broke my heart to have to realize that this relationship was never going to work out, I’m very relieved that I found that out. Because it didn’t and it wasn’t ever going to.

It’s good to know these things.

Before I close, I just want to show you some visual examples of the differences in the results of each report:


my current love




the awful one



Notice the differences? Incredible, huh. I’m definitely staying with my guy. 🙂

In the end, whether you’re doubting your relationship, or if you’re madly in love and everything’s going great, sometimes you just want some validation that you’re on the right track. I highly recommend this report – it will make you feel so much better either way.

Either way. It’s totally totally worth it.

The Right Man Report!


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