Are you a fledgling online biz owner?

Do you dream of having an online business that supports you doing what you love, but are hampered by the technology you know is required to get it off the ground, and really really really don’t like it on top of it all?

Are you a fledgling online business owner who wants to get past the overwhelm, confusion and downright terror of getting your business online yourself?

You know  –  quite probably with every fiber of your being  -  you want an online business: you want the freedom, flexibility, potentially unlimited income, and the END to the insecurity of putting all your eggs in one employer basket.

[which can be yanked away from you at any second]

I hear ya. I hear ya! But getting a business online successfully is a daunting task. I know, I’ve been building websites for over 20 years.

It ain’t easy.

There’s a lot involved, and it gets more complicated every year.

On of top of that, if you’re not super tech-minded, then thinking about getting a business online can seem really scary. So many choices, so much paralysis.

Maybe you started by trying to get a website going with a sitebuilder like Wix or Squarespace, and found it still too difficult in spite of all their claims, and don’t really want to pay a monthly fee until the end of time. Not to mention have to use templates that you know two hundred thousand other customers are also using and don’t know how to make their own.

On top of that, you know there’s more to having a successful online business than just a basic website. So maybe you’ve looked at all-in-one scenarios like Shopify or ConvertKit or Kajabi, thinking if you have your website, your email management, your shop, your courses, and your sales funnel all in one place, it would be easy.

Except it turned out to be ridiculous, because what do you know about websites, email management systems, shops or sales funnels?!? Never mind designing or building them?

And the cost! OMG the cost…

Content management systems, branding, social media push, website security, hosting, landing pages, SEO, payment systems, OMG what else do you have to think about??!?!?


The cool thing is, I can help you with all of that.

So don't give up!

Hi! We are Heather & George

I’m Heather (and this is my dog George), and I’ve been building websites for people for 20 years.

During that time, the most common complaint I heard (and boy, did I hear it a lot) was that business owners who were not tech-minded could not update or take care of their sites themselves in any way.

Clients hated being dependent on expensive developers, and I don’t blame them!

So I have spent the last ten years of my website-building career constantly researching and testing ways to produce beautiful, cross-functional sites that non-techies can manage themselves.

It has definitely been a challenge.

Born of Frustration

ten years!!

Thankfully, in recent years tools and programs have [finally] been created that are amazing and ideal for non-techie/non-coder folks  — you — who want to be empowered to build and manage your online business (and all the necessary technology) on their own (without always paying a monthly fee!).

But how would you know about any of it, if you’re not in the website development business?

You wouldn’t.

So, after much cajoling and convincing from others who shall remain nameless, GEORGE, I created

this site

And what is this site, exactly?

Well, welcome to

Fledgling Online Biz Owners!

My intent with this site is to be your go-to place for tech information and tools that will get you going on starting up an online presence.

I’m here to help you beginners! The non-techie hopefuls out there who have big dreams, but small tech knowledge.

Freedom is my Movement.

My dream is that everyone should be able live their lives exactly as they want to,

and that

everyone should be able to support themselves financially doing just that.

Empowering YOU.

So what I’m doing here at Fledging Online Biz Owners! is providing tools, resources, education and ENCOURAGEMENT so that you can chart your own path to freedom by getting a business online, and you can finally be able to create the lifestyle that you so long for.

From the best way to get a website built (me, of course 😉), to help choosing plugins and addons for various required functionality, to classes on everything I can think of to help make your online-business-building life a lot easier, you’ll find everything you need here to get started on your achieving your goals.

Everything that I talk about here on this site, I have experienced myself, had success with myself, and/or use myself.

All I want to do is help you get the life you want.

Your fears can be laid to rest here.

But what do I really do here? I help you get moving.

So check it all out! Dig around and enjoy the education, resources, tools, and all kinds of wonderful goodies and information I’ve put out here that you’d never think of, all of which will help you get your online business up and running — once and for all!

I’ll even hold your digital hand.

So no more time for dilly-dallying! No more excuses!

Begin by getting your FREE checklist of

the First 5 Things to Do to Start your Website with Confidence!

(even if you don’t like tech stuff)

as well as receive regular tips, tricks and downright awesome help on all (well… most) things online.

If you are serious about getting a business online, you can’t afford not to do it!

Let's go!


is supposed

to be


And I will give you everything I’VE got, to help you make that happen.