What do people say??

One of the best things I liked about Heather was caring sense of humor. I love Heather’s direct way of getting to the heart of the problem with empathy and humor. It is rare to find someone who can stand next to you and lovingly with humor hold a mirror up to you.

I found working with Heather empowering. Through laughter and loving guidance Heather helped me get out of my rut and create a life that I could be passionate about.

I would recommend Heather to people who need to get out of their own way. Heather practices what she preaches and definitely walks the talk. She will help you see where you are getting in your own way to accomplishing the life you want to live and offer loving strategies to move you along.

Nancy J.

I met through being a part of the same coaching school and program and I requested her as a peer coach. Over the course of our coaching sessions, Heather helped me by encouraging me to be more open, question my own opinions and beliefs and, as a result, see different perspectives and find increased possibilities. The result was that I no longer limit myself as much as I have in the past – I am more open to the unexpected.

Heather has a very candid approach, and I like that. This showed up both in response to the things I communicated as well as in her own personal sharing. When you speak with Heather, you realize that you are speaking with someone who is very genuine, caring and experienced… there really is not a better combination than that. Working with Heather was fun, eye-opening, comfortable, educational, and supportive. But I would especially recommend Heather to people who need a reality check. Heather is very much a no-nonsense coach – she will call it as she sees it and help you to expand your perspective. Like I said: it can be eye-opening!

Deborah B.

Heather was a client of mine when I got to know her, and always seemed so interesting and full of life. She offered her services for coaching, and I took her up on the offer because I trusted her. Her input and listening skills helped me figure a lot of life obstacles.

The result was I had someone that was a neutral source to talk to and gather possible helpful solutions. It was life changing! Her love for life and passion to help is the thing I love about her the most. The experience I had with her coaching was helpful and comforting, and I would recommend her to people who need direction in their lives and the coaching to help them get there.

Stephanie W.

I got to know Heather Skomp when she began to do updates for my business website. She always is upbeat and so helpful in making my website look the very best and have text that is well written and adds to the images my clients see on my business website. I admire Heather’s energy. She is ALWAYS willing to assist even on short notice. She never complains, and as soon as website changes are made, she emails to say the work is done. I so appreciate that aspect of Heather’s professionalism. Working with Heather is a rewarding and positive experience. She is respectful of me, and I respect her knowledge and her willingness to share that knowledge.

Sharon W.

I got to know Heather because she stepped up to coach, on the spot, during a tele-course within our coaching program. The instructor asked if any of us students would like to volunteer as either the coach or as the client. The course entailed shifting a perspective that could be holding you back from attaining a dream or goal, and from living a life on purpose. I was definitely in need of shifting and reframing a perspective at that time so I volunteered to be the client and the rest was history… The impromptu 15 minute, laser coaching session we had definitely shifted my perspective. We then formed an amazing coach-client relationship.

Heather helped me by shifting my perspective around certain barriers and obstacles that were presenting themselves around getting my on-line business started. She really assisted me with becoming crystal clear around what kind of life I really wanted. During our sessions and with her awesome questioning. We would get closer to what I was really meaning to say, or how I was actually feeling about certain situations in my life. I love her straight to the point approach.

She is an amazing listener and can really pick up on what you’re saying and what you’re not necessarily saying, but feeling. She is intuitive and has a lot of knowledge to share about many different topics. As I continue to move in the direction of my dream life I am so thankful that I have Heather on my team.

I would recommend Heather to people who desire to follow their true life purpose and souls deepest calling. Let’s be serious we all have a “what if this was possible!!!” moment almost everyday. So, when you are reading to head in the direction of possibilities, Heather is definitely your go to girl… Oh and did I mention that she is hilarious too!!

Melissa S.

I got to know Heather because she fell right into my lap. The real story is that she was a neighbor 5 doors down that I had never met until a mutual neighbor introduced us. As owner of a graphic design studio, I had a web programmer on my staff. He left to move to another city and I needed to keep someone in-house in this position. Enter Heather through an introduction – and pretty much hired her on the spot. In the world of many varied web programmers I needed someone that could be a good “generalist” and work on MANY client websites already in motion. One that would be fearless to try, learn and succeed through perseverance. She fit the bill perfectly.

Heather helped me by staying consistent with her ability to learn and adapt. I’m the right side of the brain. She’s the left. I’m the vision. She’s my expert hands. Web design and maintenance has become CRUCIAL for graphic design studios to stay RELEVANT to new client communication needs. At a time when clients are entering into web-waters and don’t know how to swim, she fills me with knowledge about the process in order to “be the expert” in front of my clients. I can head things off at the pass, I can now send them in the right direction. There are many corners and blind alleys in the world of web design and she helps me navigate those corridors.

The result is a continual learning process back and forth. I see things and want to try them out. And she fearlessly tries them. We both like “answers” and “reasons” and compliment each other on a scale of creativity on one side, and logic on the other.

One thing I continue to like is ability to count on her. She always seems to be there – even at crazy hours of the day. But because the convenience of “availability” is the thought that I’m always going to get a sound logical answer. She’s turned on by challenges and takes the charge in helping arrive at alternatives – if the end goal becomes unattainable.

I find the continuing experience of our interaction uplifting. She remains positive and the energy inside her seems boundless. She has many life experiences that I’m sure add to the fact that her input is always right on target. In the world of web design, the USER EXPERIENCE is a common phrase. Requiring one to think out of “yourself” and getting into the minds of “others” as they use what we come up with together.

I would recommend Heather to people who need web programmer. Certainly, my experience with Heather is toward that end of things. But in the larger picture of getting to know her through the process, it’s many personal characteristics that can take her into almost any area of her choosing. The positive energy, the logical intellect, the straightforward no nonsense input, the life experiences, the zest for a fulfilling life, the willingness to help/assist/guide, as well as her OWN quest for fitting into the universe can cut across any discipline she chooses to dive into. So… if you need a website…. Heather. If you need a bomb cake… Heather. If you need sage advice…. Heather. Um… got anything else? She’s on your side.

Alan J.

Heather is a warm, friendly, fun person whom I met during The Harmony Project rehearsals. The <a href=”http://harmonyproject.com/&#8221; target=”_blank”>Harmony Project</a> is a community choir in Columbus, OH, and we all LOVE IT. During the course of our getting to know each other there, Heather said she could help teach to me to understand how to create and develop a website for my business.

Heather helped me by first and foremost being my friend, and secondly by teaching me the basics of website development and maintenance. She made me less intimidated by the thought of developing my own website.

The result was the development of my business website that I’m still utilizing today!

One thing I liked was her attention to detail, and the ability to convey that detail in a easy and understandable manner. I found the experience fun and enlightening!

I would recommend Heather to people who need to understand website development, and how it can work for you in your own business model.

Tom B.

I got to know Heather through our coaching education. We had regular calls on Saturday with people all over the world that we did not know. We also needed to coach each other. As I was looking for a coach at that time Heather stuck out from the crowd with her very kind yet open and straight forward approach and the right amount of humor at the right time. We had our introductory session to get to know each other and I felt right from the beginning that I can trust her with my problems even though we never met (I’m from Germany).

I hired Heather to be my coach when I was going through a difficult relationship situation. She was amazing. Each session was like an energy booster getting my confidence back and making decisions that were good for me and my long term goals. She was a great listener, asked the right question at the right time and helped me to gain not only awareness of what is happening but also of what I need to do for me as a next step. She would always leave the decision up to me…however if my decision was not reflecting what I said beforehand she would question me again.

The result was I got out of a toxic relationship with more confidence and knowing what I want.

One thing I really liked about Heather was her approach. She makes you feel you are the centre of her attention. She really wants to know what is going on and she will take it from there. I really appreciated her direct and straight forward approach with the added humor and enlightening to make the coaching session fun and not all work even so it is work.

I would recommend Heather to people who want to have a change in life and don’t know where to start. People who need a sounding board that is reliable. Heather will stick to what she says, and she will not sugar coat but really dig deep. Heather is right for you if want to work on yourself, get ahead and are willing to work hard for it. However Heather will make the hard work fun!!! And it will definitely pay off!!!

Christina J.

Heather is wonderful for people who need an independent and clear outlook on a project. What I liked about her most is that she is creative, inventive and takes advantage of her ability to adapt to the current wants and needs. The result for me was amazing and I’m thankful for her everyday!

Vicky P.

Heather helped me in several different ways. I have health insurance now because of her nudging me to do it (actually, she kind of ordered me to, and I obeyed). She helped me to get clear on more than a few of the projects I was working on because of her excellent questions and her ability to organize. She has three planets in Virgo, plus, she has Venus in Libra, so she is very, very skilled at knowing what something is worth, such as a course of action, knowing what questions to ask so you can see for yourself what needs to be done next, and she is very practical and down-to-earth on how to get stuff done.

She’s logical and funny. When you see it, whatever “it” is, from her point-of-view, you instantly see the logic and good sense behind it. There’s really no debate because she is oriented to reality in such a way that you easily see the path open up right before your eyes, and then you do the next thing that needs to be done.

I have a new website now because of her too. She is a patient teacher, clear, and organized in her approach. She walked me through putting on a theme and getting it up and operational. This is an invaluable service. I bought the domain name for this website over a year and a half ago but didn’t do anything with it because I was intimidated by the technology. She told me I needed to get on it and get on it now (for some reason, when she orders me to do something, I’m not the least bit offended by it, instead I’m energized and I end up laughing at myself), then she helped me to do it.

The one thing I really like about her is that she is such a practical, action-oriented person, yet she is funny and wise too. She makes you feel like anything is possible, rather than that you’re stupid for not getting it done before now. She’s easy to talk to (we regularly talk for hours at a time) and she helps you to do what you gotta do. It’s very refreshing.

I would recommend Heather to anyone who wants to move forward in their life in any way. She will hone right in on what the problem is and then she’ll help you to quickly get on with it. You will have tangible, concrete accomplishments that make a difference in your life and how you feel about yourself. All because you worked with Heather.

Love her!!

Karen W.