Palm trees in key west

Finally in the Keys!

I’m in my bikini today. This is my view:


2014-12-21 15.10.12 Keys-sm
There’s lobster in them there ocean! (there really is. They come up at night and glow their eyes at me.)


To the right:


2014-12-21 08.48.22 Keys Right View-sm
They’re beautiful, but pffooo! They create a pong.



To the left:


2014-12-21 08.48.40 Keys Left View - sm
George is still trying to figure out if water is a solid, gas, or liquid.


And here’s a little video of the water:



Ahhhhh. After two weeks of things not being so great, I am finally here. I swear, I have the best site in the entire park – not sure how that happened, except I kept asking the Universe to give me a site that would be private, big, and right on the water. Hey! That’s what I got. 😉 Thanks Universe!

Except people keep coming over to me and saying “DAMN, you got the best site in the place. You might enjoy it if you just get off your laptop.”


I’ll think I’ll just luxuriate in that.


It's hot in herrrrrre!
It’s hot in herrrrrre!


I am posting this now, but today I am catching up on work and catching up on writing this blog (however, I am sitting in front of the ocean as I do it, taking the pictures you see, listening to some jams, and having some wine, so I am enjoying my premium, and apparently jealous-making, spot). The next posts you will see will be covering the last two weeks since my first post, so the timeline is a bit out of order. But you’ll get it.

And THEN…. I’m going to hang Christmas lights! No, I didn’t forget what time of year it is. Although it feels like summer, it’s definitely Christmas in the Keys. Everyone has lights up and it’s fabulous. So now it’s my turn! Let’s see how creative I can get.




Be back soon!



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  1. Merry Christmas to all you guys!! I hope you’re having a lovely holiday and that you are snug and warm. I love hearing from you!!! oxoxoxoxox

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