Heather is a warm, friendly, fun person whom I met during The Harmony Project rehearsals. The <a href=”http://harmonyproject.com/” target=”_blank”>Harmony Project</a> is a community choir in Columbus, OH, and we all LOVE IT. During the course of our getting to know each other there, Heather said she could help teach to me to understand how to create and develop a website for my business.

Heather helped me by first and foremost being my friend, and secondly by teaching me the basics of website development and maintenance. She made me less intimidated by the thought of developing my own website.

The result was the development of my business website that I’m still utilizing today!

One thing I liked was her attention to detail, and the ability to convey that detail in a easy and understandable manner. I found the experience fun and enlightening!

I would recommend Heather to people who need to understand website development, and how it can work for you in your own business model.

Tom B.