I got to know Heather because she stepped up to coach, on the spot, during a tele-course within our coaching program. The instructor asked if any of us students would like to volunteer as either the coach or as the client. The course entailed shifting a perspective that could be holding you back from attaining a dream or goal, and from living a life on purpose. I was definitely in need of shifting and reframing a perspective at that time so I volunteered to be the client and the rest was history… The impromptu 15 minute, laser coaching session we had definitely shifted my perspective. We then formed an amazing coach-client relationship.

Heather helped me by shifting my perspective around certain barriers and obstacles that were presenting themselves around getting my on-line business started. She really assisted me with becoming crystal clear around what kind of life I really wanted. During our sessions and with her awesome questioning. We would get closer to what I was really meaning to say, or how I was actually feeling about certain situations in my life. I love her straight to the point approach.

She is an amazing listener and can really pick up on what you’re saying and what you’re not necessarily saying, but feeling. She is intuitive and has a lot of knowledge to share about many different topics. As I continue to move in the direction of my dream life I am so thankful that I have Heather on my team.

I would recommend Heather to people who desire to follow their true life purpose and souls deepest calling. Let’s be serious we all have a “what if this was possible!!!” moment almost everyday. So, when you are reading to head in the direction of possibilities, Heather is definitely your go to girl… Oh and did I mention that she is hilarious too!!

Melissa S.