Heather helped me in several different ways. I have health insurance now because of her nudging me to do it (actually, she kind of ordered me to, and I obeyed). She helped me to get clear on more than a few of the projects I was working on because of her excellent questions and her ability to organize. She has three planets in Virgo, plus, she has Venus in Libra, so she is very, very skilled at knowing what something is worth, such as a course of action, knowing what questions to ask so you can see for yourself what needs to be done next, and she is very practical and down-to-earth on how to get stuff done.

She’s logical and funny. When you see it, whatever “it” is, from her point-of-view, you instantly see the logic and good sense behind it. There’s really no debate because she is oriented to reality in such a way that you easily see the path open up right before your eyes, and then you do the next thing that needs to be done.

I have a new website now because of her too. She is a patient teacher, clear, and organized in her approach. She walked me through putting on a theme and getting it up and operational. This is an invaluable service. I bought the domain name for this website over a year and a half ago but didn’t do anything with it because I was intimidated by the technology. She told me I needed to get on it and get on it now (for some reason, when she orders me to do something, I’m not the least bit offended by it, instead I’m energized and I end up laughing at myself), then she helped me to do it.

The one thing I really like about her is that she is such a practical, action-oriented person, yet she is funny and wise too. She makes you feel like anything is possible, rather than that you’re stupid for not getting it done before now. She’s easy to talk to (we regularly talk for hours at a time) and she helps you to do what you gotta do. It’s very refreshing.

I would recommend Heather to anyone who wants to move forward in their life in any way. She will hone right in on what the problem is and then she’ll help you to quickly get on with it. You will have tangible, concrete accomplishments that make a difference in your life and how you feel about yourself. All because you worked with Heather.

Love her!!

Karen W.