I met through being a part of the same coaching school and program and I requested her as a peer coach. Over the course of our coaching sessions, Heather helped me by encouraging me to be more open, question my own opinions and beliefs and, as a result, see different perspectives and find increased possibilities. The result was that I no longer limit myself as much as I have in the past – I am more open to the unexpected.

Heather has a very candid approach, and I like that. This showed up both in response to the things I communicated as well as in her own personal sharing. When you speak with Heather, you realize that you are speaking with someone who is very genuine, caring and experienced… there really is not a better combination than that. Working with Heather was fun, eye-opening, comfortable, educational, and supportive. But I would especially recommend Heather to people who need a reality check. Heather is very much a no-nonsense coach – she will call it as she sees it and help you to expand your perspective. Like I said: it can be eye-opening!

Deborah B.