I got to know Heather through our coaching education. We had regular calls on Saturday with people all over the world that we did not know. We also needed to coach each other. As I was looking for a coach at that time Heather stuck out from the crowd with her very kind yet open and straight forward approach and the right amount of humor at the right time. We had our introductory session to get to know each other and I felt right from the beginning that I can trust her with my problems even though we never met (I’m from Germany).

I hired Heather to be my coach when I was going through a difficult relationship situation. She was amazing. Each session was like an energy booster getting my confidence back and making decisions that were good for me and my long term goals. She was a great listener, asked the right question at the right time and helped me to gain not only awareness of what is happening but also of what I need to do for me as a next step. She would always leave the decision up to me…however if my decision was not reflecting what I said beforehand she would question me again.

The result was I got out of a toxic relationship with more confidence and knowing what I want.

One thing I really liked about Heather was her approach. She makes you feel you are the centre of her attention. She really wants to know what is going on and she will take it from there. I really appreciated her direct and straight forward approach with the added humor and enlightening to make the coaching session fun and not all work even so it is work.

I would recommend Heather to people who want to have a change in life and don’t know where to start. People who need a sounding board that is reliable. Heather will stick to what she says, and she will not sugar coat but really dig deep. Heather is right for you if want to work on yourself, get ahead and are willing to work hard for it. However Heather will make the hard work fun!!! And it will definitely pay off!!!

Christina J.