Heather is one of the most energetic, enthusiastic individuals I have had the pleasure to work with. She was always ahead of schedule with delivery of any project we worked together on. Her attention to detail is to be highly commended. It is rare in the resource pool I work with on a daily basis, not to have “reworks”. With Heather, that was not the case. The bar was to always deliver “excellence”. Deliverables were always on point and exactly to spec. Heather is knowledgeable, at the same time, is honest about her limits.

Heather is a problem solver and she has the ability to articulate solutions for product changes/upgrades respectfully and with merit, always keeping the best interest of the client front and center. Not only did she call out potential issues, she offered solutions/recommendations on how to better the product. In short, she is a visionary… always looking towards a products ability to sustain growth.

One of the qualities I admire most about Heather is understanding the needs of her customers. Her passion for getting results reflects in everything she does.

If I had to call out a weakness, its Heather’s drive to be perfect at everything she does. She is very hard on herself and leaves little room for errors. This is a huge asset for those that are on the “receiving” end!

Finally, Heather understands the importance of communication and always leads by example. She is professional and charismatic. Her expectations for herself and work performance far exceeds, any expectation I ever had. I never had to worry about missing a deadline or delivering top quality when she was on the project.

Brenda T.