I’ve known Heather for quite a few years now, and I consider her a good friend. We’ve worked on two websites together, and I’ve been very pleased with the results. I have even had people send me emails admiring the design! I admit I am not an overly technical person, but I do understand more than the average Joe, and I can attest that Heather knows far more than the average Joe!

When we worked on our websites together, she was always enthusiastic about trying new tools and interesting new technology to make my sites more appealing to visitors, but yet within my capabilities so I can make the updates myself. When she is explaining things to me, it is very clear that she knows what she is talking about. She is a very quick thinker. I believe her greatest strengths are her voracious desire to learn, coupled with her seemingly never-ending supply of creativity. She gets ideas in her head about a certain result she wants to achieve, and then immediately sets about figuring out how she can achieve that goal. If she doesn’t know how to get there, she will not let up until she finds a way, often coming up with methods that are atypical to the average person. She will use every resource available to her to solve the problem, often using those resources in ways no one else has thought of before. I admire her tenacity and flexible thinking.

One thing I have noticed about Heather is that she is very results-oriented. She likes to get results in the most accurate and efficient way possible, without getting hung up on the “how”. She can always be relied upon to achieve results requested of her. I know I have asked her for help on some projects, and the next thing I know she will have it completed instead! She is always willing to help in areas where she excels, and often in areas where she does not, in an effort to learn a new skill.

One of Heather’s greatest assets is her personality. She is a lot of fun to be around, she has a tremendous amount of energy, and is very down to earth. She is easy to talk to, and makes friends wherever she goes. One can always expect an honest answer from her, even if it is not in her own benefit to do so. She has high expectations of herself, and of others. When she is happy and excited, everyone loves it, and her enthusiasm is contagious.

Becky H.