I got to know Heather because she fell right into my lap. The real story is that she was a neighbor 5 doors down that I had never met until a mutual neighbor introduced us. As owner of a graphic design studio, I had a web programmer on my staff. He left to move to another city and I needed to keep someone in-house in this position. Enter Heather through an introduction – and pretty much hired her on the spot. In the world of many varied web programmers I needed someone that could be a good “generalist” and work on MANY client websites already in motion. One that would be fearless to try, learn and succeed through perseverance. She fit the bill perfectly.

Heather helped me by staying consistent with her ability to learn and adapt. I’m the right side of the brain. She’s the left. I’m the vision. She’s my expert hands. Web design and maintenance has become CRUCIAL for graphic design studios to stay RELEVANT to new client communication needs. At a time when clients are entering into web-waters and don’t know how to swim, she fills me with knowledge about the process in order to “be the expert” in front of my clients. I can head things off at the pass, I can now send them in the right direction. There are many corners and blind alleys in the world of web design and she helps me navigate those corridors.

The result is a continual learning process back and forth. I see things and want to try them out. And she fearlessly tries them. We both like “answers” and “reasons” and compliment each other on a scale of creativity on one side, and logic on the other.

One thing I continue to like is ability to count on her. She always seems to be there – even at crazy hours of the day. But because the convenience of “availability” is the thought that I’m always going to get a sound logical answer. She’s turned on by challenges and takes the charge in helping arrive at alternatives – if the end goal becomes unattainable.

I find the continuing experience of our interaction uplifting. She remains positive and the energy inside her seems boundless. She has many life experiences that I’m sure add to the fact that her input is always right on target. In the world of web design, the USER EXPERIENCE is a common phrase. Requiring one to think out of “yourself” and getting into the minds of “others” as they use what we come up with together.

I would recommend Heather to people who need web programmer. Certainly, my experience with Heather is toward that end of things. But in the larger picture of getting to know her through the process, it’s many personal characteristics that can take her into almost any area of her choosing. The positive energy, the logical intellect, the straightforward no nonsense input, the life experiences, the zest for a fulfilling life, the willingness to help/assist/guide, as well as her OWN quest for fitting into the universe can cut across any discipline she chooses to dive into. So… if you need a website…. Heather. If you need a bomb cake… Heather. If you need sage advice…. Heather. Um… got anything else? She’s on your side.

Alan J.