Skompini, LLC and Learn. Share. Laugh! does not offer refunds on any of its published coaching services or products, unless at the discretion of the owner. But no refund is implied, or guaranteed.

All products and services are either digital downloads, or services rendered. If you have a problem with a download, please contact us and another method of delivery will be processed. All coaching services and courses rendered and the results you receive from said services, rely heavily on you, the purchaser, to do the work described in the client agreement. If you do not do the work, you agree to take full responsibility for the results. You hereby release all liability from Skompini, LLC and Learn. Share. Laugh! for the results achieved from all coaching services and courses.

All coaching services are recorded.

If you are unhappy with a service rendered, you may contact the provider with the contact details given at the time of purchase. But refunds are not guaranteed or implied. Any refunds given are processed at the discretion of Skompini, LLC and Learn. Share. Laugh! only.

If a chargeback attempt is made, it will be disputed. Accepting this refund policy at the time of purchase revokes all rights on the part of you, the purchaser, to chargebacks or refunds.

As a purchaser, you also agree that by processing your payment through PayPal, Inc., Skompini, LLC and Learn. Share. Laugh! has NO ACCESS to your credit card information, and therefore is unable to process a transaction against your will or authorization. Any attempt on your part to suggest otherwise will be considered fraud on your part, and will be prosecuted.

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