Download: Logo creator


This logo generator is a series of layered files that allow you to create any number of logos, badges, labels or banners! The design options are limitless. Let your imagination take you anywhere it wants to go, to create the perfect logo (or other marketing assets!) for your business. This kit also includes a set of pre-made logos to get you started, for the newbies out there.


  • Files types included are Photoshop (psd) only
  • PSDs can be opened in Pixlr
  • Fully Customizable
  • 56 pre-made logos
  • 400 frame variations
  • 100 icons
  • 100 labels
  • 100 ornamental items


You’ll want to get a basic understanding of Photoshop (or Pixlr) and working with layered files to be able to work with this logo creator, but you won’t have any trouble with that. Loads of tutorials on the internet, for free!


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